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Auckland Transport Update 

Over the last few months Auckland Transport (AT) has been considering the submissions and feedback regarding their proposal to make changes to the bus lane hours of operation, extensions to the existing bus stops located in the village and improvements to the village car parking.

Mt Eden Village Inc (MEV) sent in the submission to Auckland Transport along with a number of other residents and the newly formed Mt Eden Community Association (MECA).

  • As a result of the submissions and feedback received AT will:
  • End the P60 zone beside Valley Road/Oakland Road, and not near Rautangi Road at as originally proposed.
  • Install a P120 restriction, Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm along the western side of Mt Eden Road, north of Valley Road up to 391 Mt Eden Road to free up these spaces for short term parking during the week.
  • Increase the proposed P120 restriction on Poronui Street to P180.
  • Introduce a graduated tariff in the Essex Road carpark of $1.00 per hour for the first 2 hours, increasing to $2.00 per hour thereafter with no time limit.
  • Retain the existing P5 on Stokes Road outside the public toilets.
  • Not ban the right-hand turn from Mt Eden Road to Pencarrow Avenue. We will monitor this turn after we install the new length of bus lane and will reconsider introducing the right turn ban if issues arise.
  • Investigate the potential for introducing an additional pedestrian crossing in or near the village.
  • Incorporate advanced stop boxes for bikes at the Essex Road / Mt Eden Road / Stokes Road and Balmoral Road / Mt Eden Road intersections.
  • Remove one car park on Mt Eden Road just north of Poronui Street to improve visibility for motorists exiting from Poronui Street.
  • We also received feedback about our plans to extend both bus stops in the village. This change is an important aspect of the planned bus improvements. We will still be extending these bus stops, however we have reviewed the design with the aim of reducing the length of the extensions. With the new design we will only remove four parking spaces (two on each side of the road) instead of six (three on each side of the road), as originally proposed.
  • The wider parking restrictions AT will be implementing around the village on the side roads will prevent all day parking in 76 currently unrestricted parks, and prioritise shorter visits (i.e. P60, P120).

For more details on these changes click here - https://at.govt.nz/projects-roadworks/mt-eden-bus-lane-extensions-and-parking-changes/

We look forward to working with AT to explore more opportunities to increase bus user spend in the village.

You are able to see a summary of our community's valuable feedback here...

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