OPSM Mt Eden

OPSM Mt Eden


Our story begins in 1932, with the opening of the Optical Prescription Spectacle Makers store in Macquarie Street, Sydney. The vision back then was to help everyday lives by improving people’s sight. Nowadays, helping customers manage their eye health is just part of a far deeper service we provide.

From a single store in Sydney to over 400 OPSM stores across Australia and New Zealand, our passion has remained constant. We love eyes.

Seeing clearly is a precious gift we should never take for granted. Good eyesight enriches our lives every single day from marvelling at the finest details of art to experiencing the biggest stadium spectacular. At OPSM, our absolute commitment to looking after this valuable asset has helped us become Australia and New Zealand’s most popular eye care provider.

In a world where some companies merely take a prescription and make a pair of glasses, OPSM looks deep into the health of your eyes using the latest optical technology to give you the best possible vision. Our dedicated professionals and optometrists will get to know you properly, consider your unique needs and lifestyle, and make sure you receive the very best personalised eye care solution.

While we’re doing this, we also consider your general eye health. OPSM’s advance eye care technology assists our optometrist with the early detection of a number of eye conditions, so they can be addressed sooner.

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