Mt Eden Village Centre

The Mt Eden Village Centre is managed by the Mt Eden Methodist Church Charitable Trust, a partnership between the local community, the Methodist Church and Auckland Council.

This beautifully renovated Methodist Church and Hall is now the centre of community activity and enjoyment. Our vision is to support community participation in a broad range of activities, programmes and events. We proactively encourage involvement and participation by local people regardless of gender, age or ethnicity by being inclusive, accessible, welcoming and respectful.

The Mt Eden Methodist Church Charitable Trust was formed in 2008, initially to oversee the renovation of the Mt Eden Methodist Church and Hall and the construction of a service building linking the church to the hall, and subsequently to oversee the management of the Mt Eden Village Centre. The Trust consists of seven members drawn from the Methodist Church, the Mt Eden Maungawhau Village Centre Society representing the local community, and the Auckland Council.

There is a range of community activities and meetings including a range of Village events from music, exhibitions, debates, fundraising and private functions.

This beautiful venue is available for hire with a range of rooms and facilities to cater for a number of uses.