Mt Eden Dental Surgery

Mt Eden Dental Surgery

You can expect to be greeted warmly when you visit our team in Mt Eden. Our friendly staff know most of our patients by name, our receptionist Michelle has worked with us for 18 years.

Our Reception staff will provide you with a medical questionnaire and registration form, this is vital in providing you with the safest form of dental care tailored to your individual needs. When you meet your dentist feel free to discuss any concerns you might have.

The comprehensive clinical examination will include an evaluation of your teeth, gums, jaw joints (TMJ) and the soft tissues. We will determine what x-rays are appropriate as well as photographs and study models of your teeth to provide the information that is needed to best determine your plan of treatment. We also ensure cosmetic evaluations where appropriate or upon request.

This thorough examination is essential to provide exceptional, quality dentistry to our patients. Your dentist will use all of the diagnostic information to create a treatment plan to help you keep your teeth longer, in greater comfort. With good function and appearance.

We will then outline a dental plan to best treat your individual needs. Please inform us if you ever have any questions regarding your treatment plan. The treatment plan and an estimate of costs is printed out for your convenience and records.
Tooth pain or pressing dental problems will often be addressed at your first visit.

The surgeries are equipped with sky television and an in house stereo system to make your short stay with us as pleasant as possible.