The Association

Mt Eden Village Inc is a business association registered under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and acts as a representative body to engender co-operation amongst the various businesses in the Mt Eden Village community focussing on common issues and working towards common goals. Mt Eden Village was founded in 1938 and operates a Business Improvement District (BID) Programme with Auckland Council.

The BID Programme is guided by the Auckland Council 2016 BID Policy and Operating Standards document. Each year members of the Business Association elects a voluntary Executive Committee which provides overall strategic governance.

To read more about the Auckland Council BID programme click here.

The BID Manager is responsible for the day to day operational management. Members of the executive Committee are elected annually by the business and property owners who pay the BID targeted rate. Although the BID target rate levy is collected by Auckland Council, 100% collected is passed in total to the Mt Eden Village Inc. the associations Executive Committee is responsible for implementing the Village business plan. In accordance with the Auckland Council BID policy, the Executive Committee is required to prepare a Strategic Plan, Annual Business Plan and budget, and sign a BID Programme Agreement with the Council.