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Sam, the manager of Wu & Yu is completely charming, greets me with a gorgeous attitude and a perfectly made cappuccino. He jumped from the kitchen to front of house in January and is loving it!

What bought you to Wu & Yu?

Seven years ago, I started as a chef with Circus Circus and the Garden Shed. I’d been cooking for a while I had a desire to see how my food is doing and what actually lands with customers. I wanted to challenge myself, so I jumped at the chance to switch to management.

So, I’m not new to the industry but new to a service role. In this role I get direct feedback on what can be better because at the end of the day we are always trying to improve as much as we can.

Are you enjoying the change?

I’m really enjoying it. We changed the menu in January, and I designed it myself – mixing new ideas with customer favourites. At the moment I’m really proud of our Pork Belly.

I have a great team of beautiful chefs looking after our menu. I can really see what people want while I’m directly speaking to customers. I want them to leave with a happy face. My job is to make sure that on the food side and the service side, that customers have a great experience with us.

Where did you grow up?

I come from Nepal. From early childhood my mum was my inspiration, she taught me how to cook. This is where my love of cooking began. My family is still in Nepal. It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve seen my family. But I’m happy – technology has made it possible for me to talk to them and I am grateful for that. I miss mum’s food. The best chef you’ll ever have is your mum.

I’m a foodie person myself and on all my holidays I like to go around different restaurants to see and taste what they have to offer. It’s also really important to support each other. I try to have a good work/life balance, so I run a good roster and make sure our fifteen staff really enjoy what they are doing.

What plans/dreams do you have for the future?

This place has given me a lot and I’m really loyal and proud of working here. Professionally I want to keep upgrading myself. I love to challenge myself so new opportunities are always coming through the door. One day I’d like to own my own restaurant…

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