The Healing Power of Light

The Healing Power of Light

Behind the Foenander gallery at 453 Mount Eden is a group of practitioners that are offering therapeutic sessions. Catherine O’Connor offers a very special service to her clients that opens people up to reclaiming their inner authority and expressing their Divine nature. She is a quantum light healer. I stopped in to find out more …

What do you do?

I work with bringing through a body of light, a kind of work called galactic heritage. I’ve got a graduate diploma in child mental health and I’ve done a huge amount of reading. I come from a very deep understanding of what makes someone tick on the emotional level. I’ve done quite a lot of body work too, so I’ve got a good understanding of how the body operates and how all that interrelates. Many people have come to a place where they’ve seen a naturopath, acupuncturist and therapist but there are more dimensions that we operate on and those dimensions are the ones that I operate with primarily.

This practice is working with your galactic origins, the other planets that you have incarnated on. The work allows people to access these memories, enabling a larger sense of self beyond the human self.

What is the benefit to people to have that knowledge?

The benefit is that you start to be able to live your own life, live your dreams, create your life so that it works for you. Move from things like anxiety to things like creative possibility, from depression to potential. From a sense of alienation thinking ‘i don’t quite fit in’ or ‘i don’t know why i don’t fit in’ to ‘oh actually this is who i am, I’m actually shining – I’m coming into the essence of who i am so i can live my life on my terms and i can follow my dreams. In that process you start to deepen into who I am as an individual, on a human level and a galactic level divine level. The inner light starts to emanate, and as confidence grows opportunities turn up. The natural flow of life brings in those people and those opportunities that will work for you. People use words like increased joy, increased love, abundance – it’s all those words. Sometimes people might be feeling things like depression and anxiety, physical illness. The work I do alleviates that.

What can people expect when they come to a session or a group session for it to feel or look like?

I channel other light beings. I am often speaking, and I’m using language that would sound a little bit like a foreign language to someone, some of it sounds quite Māori in its quality, and it’s called Light Language. It is frequency and vibration that assists people to unblock, to clear and to expand.

How did you come into this field of work?

I started my own therapy practice and completed a graduate diploma in mental health. I started going really deeply into my own work through psychotherapy, so I was looking at very early childhood. In 2012 I went very deep, very fast and completely transformed everything internally inside myself but in that process, it looked to the outside world like I’d had a breakdown, which it wasn’t. This caused a huge shift in how people treated me.

It was actually a breakthrough. That’s what brought me to this work. The therapeutic work that I’d been doing that had worked all my life wasn’t bringing me back the way that it used to. I discovered Glen Lewis, who does ascension healing. He was my first point of contact into light work. I had these two years of just intense healing from so many different modalities.

How did you build clients with your practice?

I don’t have a client base. I don’t have a website. I’m running a programme called individualised oneness, it’s about connecting to who you are as an individual, amplifying your unique signature energy so that you can express yourself freely and follow your own path.

Is this all-consuming for you, is it all you do?

I live the life the whole time, so I swim every morning in the sea. I do yoga and qi gong, and I meditate. So everything I do is geared towards this. It’s how I live my life.

Is there a big community of those kind of practitioners in Auckland or New Zealand?

It’s growing, the interest is there. What I do does not exist here. There are practitioners that do similar things, and I would say yes, we’re all working in a similar way, we’re all working with divine energies, we’re all spiritual healers, but we all work in very unique ways.

Why did you set up in Mt Eden?

I’ve always liked Mt Eden. The deli is fantastic. I love the Tea and Chapter shop; I like the fish shop. I love the veggie shop. I’ve strolled these streets for years.

So if you’ve got a minute, and an open mind pop in and check out Catherine’s beautiful, light filled studio. She’s directly behind the Foenander gallery – head on up the driveway between the dry cleaners and the namaste Indian restaurant.