Art and Culture

Art and Culture

Mt Eden Village has a variety of Art and Culture to experience and all within a short distance from the Village.

Eden Arts

Mount Eden is home of the arts with many well know NZ artists having made Mt Eden their home at some point in their creative life. Eden Arts (Maungawhau Mt Eden Community Arts Trust) was founded in 1987 by a group of people committeed to promoting the arts in Mt Eden. Eden Arts project include literary dinners, sculpture walks, tours of art galleries and other places of interest. The annual Eden Artspeak, Artists in Eden Day, Young Artists Awards and Pub Quiz with an Arts Twist are also popular events held through the year in Mt Eden.

Another Eden Arts initiative was the installation of the sculpture Bystanders by Richard Wedekin in Essex Reserve in Mt Eden Village in 2010. More recently Eden Arts was responsible for a new scupture Tahuri (Kumara) by Peter Lange on the corner of Mt Eden Road and Ngauruhoe Street.  Eden Arts also updated the large sign at the northern enterance to Mt Eden Village (near Valley Road), incorporating an image by the late Sir Peter Siddell as a tribute to his longstanding association with Eden Arts. 

Eden Arts proudly launched a brand new award in 2011 – the Eden Arts Art Schools Award. This takes place every July/August and will be hosted in 2014 by AUT’s School of Art & Design at their St Paul St Gallery.

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Village Art Trail

Mt Eden Village has a number of outdoor art and these can be found all through the Village.

ByStanders by Richard Wedelind

Essex Reserve Ngauruhoe St.

Is and Eden Arts initiative completed in June 2010 by sculpture artists Richard Wedelind and is located in Essex Reserve. Made of corten steel. Said the artist ‘Bystanders is a sculpture comprising three figures. They have a common focus and inters in their immediate environment and the activity surrounding them. This work is about shared community experiences and as such are he quintessential bystanders. I believe this concept reflects the essence and people that is Mt Eden. May this sculpture also become an endearing addition to that and become familiar focal point to the village’.

Mosaic by Claudia Pond Eyley and Mt Eden Normal Primary School

Stokes Rd, public toilets.

Commissioned by Auckland City Council in 2004 this project was design lead by Claudia but all the handwork was done by the children from Mt Eden Normal Primary School.

Pou by Carin Wilson

Southern slope of Maungawhau near Owens Rd pedistrian entrance to the mountain. 

This sculpture, or ‘pou’, marks the pathway connecting Maungawhau with the sacred site at PouHawaiki, about 200m south of the pou. This ancient trail has connections with Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill) and the Manukau Harbour. 

The crater of Maungawhau was an important part of the lives of early Maori settlers in the area, and the ‘pou’ was ereted by desendants of these people. This Maori ‘pou’ recognises the cultural importance of the area to the first people of this land and also the ancient trail that passed this way.

Tahuri by Peter Lange

Corner of Ngauruhoe St and Mt Eden Rd.

Tahuri was from Waikato and married into the Waiohua peope of Tamaki. Her home was on Maunga Kiekie. Tahuri had green fingers and became legendary for her kumara gardens that stretched from Maungakiekie to Remuera. Several species of kumara were brought to Tamaki on the Aotea waka and Tainui waka.

In September 2013 Eden Arts was proud to support the unveiling, by Dame Cath Tizard, of a new public sculpture in the heart of Mt Eden. This sculpture is an Auckland Council project with assistance from the Maungawhau Mt Eden Community Arts Trust (Eden Arts) and recognises the significant contribution local artist Peter Lange has made to the artistic life of Mt Eden.

Peter Lange is one of NZ’s most successful contempoarty sculptors. This new work features three super-sized kumara rendered in brick and pipe fragments in the artist’s signature playful style.

Mural by Claudia Pond Eyley 

Corner Mt Eden and Stokes Rd.

The colourful mural on the side of the Fraser’s Cafe was first painted in the 1980’s. It was commissioned by the end Mt Eden Borough Council and upgraded over time. Claudia has been seen on many occasions over the years on her ladder working on this mural repairing weather-damaged paintwork.

Village Music

Mount Eden is home to VillageMusic creatd by John Quigley and Wayne Gillies. The idea behind VillageMusic is to stage annual series of intimate acoustic evenings in the Mt Eden Village Centre (proviously the Mt Eden Methodist Sunday School Hall) in Ngauruhoe St, just off Mt Eden Rd.

The old hall is a fine place to hold a soirée – which means that it’s an equally great place to come and be the audience. The venue isn’t large (seats about 100), so the audience and the musicians can really feel relaxed and everyone is connected.

VillageMusic have a variety f musicians and musical genres, past concerts have included jazz, country folk and included Midge Marsden and the Nairobi Trio.

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Maungawhau (Mt Eden)

The first place to visit is Mount Eden (Maungawhau, the ‘Mountain of the Whau tree’ in Māori) which is also the name of a scoria cone and surrounding suburb in Auckland, New Zealand. The mountain is the second highest natural point in the whole of the Auckland region. The English name honours George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland.

Maungawhau is Auckland’s highest volcanic cone (196m) the entire isthmus and both harbours are laid bare. The symmetrical crater (50m deep) is known as Te Ipu Kai a Mataaho (the Food Bowl of Mataaho, the god of things hidden in the ground) and is highly tapu (sacred). Please do not enter it, but feel free to explore the remainder of the mountain. The remains of pa terraces and storage pits are clearly visible.

Auckland Council, along with mana whenua and volunteer group the Friends of Maungawhau, is working to preserve and protect Maungawhau-Mt Eden through better management and revegetation strategies, to improve heritage protection, enjoyment and safety.
Between 9am and 5pm every day of the week, you may encounter Tamaki Hikoi hosts at the summit or driving the Maungawhau shuttle, who will be able to share their rich knowledge about the maunga (mountain) with you.

Maunga Hikoi, guided walks on the maunga, can be booked by calling 0800 282 552 or emailing

You can drive to the very top or you can join the legions of fitness freaks jogging or trudging up. Tour buses are banned from the summit, jump on the Manugawhau shuttle which transports passengers to the top from the car park on the lower slope

Visit the Friends of Maungawhau website