Changes to the Mt Eden Rd Bus Network

Changes to the Mt Eden Rd Bus Network

Auckland Transport is implementing changes to the bus network along Mt Eden Rd that will impact on Mt Eden Village.

Mt Eden Road is a major corridor for the bus network, transporting thousands of commuters in the morning and evening peaks. Given the increasing demand for transport in Auckland and limited opportunities for increasing road capacity, Auckland Transport is undertkaing changes to make effective use of the available road space.

These changes will impact diretly on Mt Eden Village as follows:

  • Doubling the length of our existing bus stops
  • Additional yellow 'no stopping' lines either side of bus stops
  • Extending the bus lane hours - 7am to 10am north bound and 4pm to 7pm south bound

These changes are to improve the network and add more buses to the Mt Eden route.

There are other changes for Mt Eden Rd, beyond the Village and we incourage you to view the detailed information posted on the Auckland Transport website. Click here to read more.


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