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Thursday, 13 March 2014 13:00

Village Sushi

Quality, always fresh sushi. Clean and tidy shshi place. Very friendly, realistic and warm staff. Smallest sushi place but best sushi in town!

Open Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm
Sat 9am – 3pm

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Thursday, 13 March 2014 13:00

White Horse Takeaways

White Horse Chinese Foods Takeaways have been serving the freshest Fish & Chips and Fresh Vegetable Stir fry since it opened in 1985. Specialising in Chinese and European food in Mt Eden, the White Horse Chinese Foods Takeaways is sure to please.

Open Monday 4pm to 10pm
Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 10pm
Sunday 12pm to 10pm

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Thursday, 13 March 2014 13:00

Domino's Pizza

Opening hours:

Sunday 11 am to 11pm
Monday 11am to 11pm
Tuesday 11am to 11pm
Wednesday 11am to 11pm
Thursday 11am to 12 am
Friday 11am to 1 am
Saturday 11am to 1 am

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Thursday, 13 March 2014 13:00

Burger Wisconsin

At Burger Wisconsin you can have it all! We create guilt-free, fresh and wholesome luxury burgers for health-conscious gourmets on the run.

We start with the freshest and finest local ingredients, we grill to remove fat, and we cook wedges and fries with canola oil using "The NZ Chip Group" recommendations to create low saturated-fat, balanced burger meals of carbohydrate, protein and vegetables. We also grill to order, offer 'build your own burger' choices, and gluten free and vegetarian options.

Only barn-raised chickens, lean pure NZ farmed lamb and 100% Certified AngusPure Beef are used. Our Dory fillets are caught and processed in NZ waters and our vegetarian falafel is bursting with the natural goodness of chickpeas and kidney beans. Even our crunchy lettuces are produced hydroponically spray-free just for us and arrive still growing – while our red onions and vine tomatoes are delivered garden fresh, ready for us to slice to order. Our fresh-baked burger buns (including a gluten-free option) contain no added sugar, preservatives or artificial colours.

At Burger Wisconsin, we're proud to have led the trend for healthy food in the NZ burger market since 1989. We're constantly combing the country for new and ethical produced ingredients with great flavour. We're committed to ensuring that our food is naturally healthy.

Open Sunday to Thursday 5pm to 9.30pm
Friday and Saturday 5pm to 10pm



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Thursday, 13 March 2014 00:00

Bonzo Burgers Limited

Here at Bonzo Burger in Mount Eden we use 100% Alfa One Rice Bran Oil to cook our delicious fish 'n' chips and wide range of food. Our gourmet burgers are grilled on fresh sourdough burger buns with super-fresh crispy salad and delicious sauces! We also use NZ's best quality beef to make our own beef patties, our succulent chicken and steak is tasty and tender and our juicy bacon is natural-wood smoked and honey cured! Overall all our ingredients are the best quality and the most fresh. Phone us now to make an order on 6305220!


Gourmet Burgers, Fish and Chips, Toasted Sandwiches, Fresh Snapper, Hot Dog, Sausages, Fritters, Chicken Nuggets, Spring Roll, Curry Roll, Vegetarian Roll, Crab Stick, Oyster, Squid Ring, Donut, Shoe String Fries, Kumara Chips, Wedges, Onion Rings.

Open Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 9pm
Sunday 4pm to 9pm
Holidays 11.30pm to 9pm

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Thursday, 13 March 2014 00:00

Nite Spice Restaurant and Bar

Indian culture is to a great extent “kitchen culture” and this is manifested in diversity of food, and culinary habits. At home no cultural or religious event is complete without cooking, partaking, distribution or offering of food. No religious or public function is complete without food. There is an ancient Indian saying ANNAM  PARA  BRAHMA  SWA  ROOPAM which means that “Food is a manifestation of God - the ultimate reality”. Further, we are what we eat. What we eat determines our mental as well as physical state. Food that is freshly made, prepared from fresh ingradients, and tasty promotes happiness, arouses warmth and even kindles passions.

We serve North Indian cuisine. In the western world more Indian restuarants serve the North Indian cuisine. The same is true of cookery shows on TV and cooking books sold. The North Indian Food is characterised by sauces made of onion or tomatoes or their combination. These may be flavoured with ginger, garlic, yogurt, lemon juice and a variety of spices including turmuric, coriander, cumin, chilly peppers, cardomom, cinnamon and cloves. As part of our philosophy we promise to cater true Indian food – simple yet exotic; personalised and satisfaction focused, and; happiness and passion enhancing.

At Nite Spice we proudly proclaim that:

‘‘Spice is our name and Spice is our passion!’’

The secret to the distinctive flavors and choice offerings on the Nite Spice menu can be found in the rules of the kitchen. These are: * Freshest ingredients * Less oil * No colouring * No cream (unless absolutely necessary) * Trusted recipes * No shortcuts * A passion for good food and a love of what we do!

Nite Spice has been proudly serving our customers in Mt Eden for 10 years, with owner and founder Gurp on hand to ensure the dishes are matched by impeccable service and hospitality. If you have a health or dietary request, please just ask.

Take a journey along the delectable spice trail ... of Nite Spice!

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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 00:00

Paris Mt Eden Bakery

This is bakery that's frequented by locals and those passing through. They make everything you'd expect a bakery to make, from pies, sausage rolls (including vegetarian), slices and cakes.

You can take in a coffee with your cake or the staff will package everything up for you to take home.

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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 13:00

Mt Eden Village Fish Shop

The Mt Eden Village Fish Shop was opened in 1939 and has become a well established iconic part of Mt Eden Village ever since.

We take pride in providing a premium seafood experience for our loyal customers, including a variety of market fresh fish daily, smoked seafood and award winning fish and chips.


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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 00:00

Coen Sushi and Donburi

Eden Coen Sushi

Dine in or take out, open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Closed public holidays.

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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 13:00

Sierra Cafe

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